Who We Are

Universal Care Academy is a training center that offers courses in hospitality courses to progress one’s career, even if it is their second career. We also provide IELTS prep sessions for the IELTS class for non-English speaking students.

Our courses offer students curriculums that assist in different career options, like being a nanny, a live-in caregiver or a live-out caregiver. Our curriculum teaches students their responsibilities and how to deal with and adapt to jobs in their career field.

Why Choose Us

Our courses can lead to jobs in Ontario and job opportunities in Toronto with our placement programs and internships. After completing the final exams, our students can move forward in their new career, even if it is a second career, with the knowledge best suited for success. We provide IELTS prep sessions for non-English speaking students to make sure they have everything needed for success. Plus, our professional instructors can also help with interview tips, resume and cover letter writing, and building the confidence of all students to help them succeed on their new career path. A Toronto job opportunity is often a choice for our students, and jobs in Ontario are easily found because of our credentials and teaching courses.

Our Special Advantage

Our course curriculums are provided in both Mandarin and English, and they the proper preparation to help open many career options for our students. With each course, our students will focus on learning effective strategies and principles required to do their new career. We provide a curriculum that adapts our student’s perspective to what is expected on the job, including responsibilities and importance of safety. Some benefits offered in our courses:

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