Universal Care Academy

Housekeeping Certificate Course Description:

This course helps to teach students about the hospitality industry and housekeeping operation roles, and it is structured to help students learn how to do laundry operations and manage housekeeping in hotels. They will learn to write cover letters and effective resumes, do mock interviews, and on-site training in a hotel. Upon completing the course, we provide placement opportunities to all students, and they will also gain access to internship opportunities. Students will receive a certificate for successfully completing the course.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the responsibilities of a housekeeper in a hospitality operation
  • Describe the steps involved in the daily routine of cleaning guestrooms
  • Describe the coordination that must take place between the housekeeping department’s first and second shifts
  • Identify the current cleaning and sanitizing supplies used in hotel guest rooms
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the responsibilities of the room inspector and a working knowledge of this procedure
  • Understand the connection between housekeeping and various departments in in a hospitality operation
  • Identify common cleaning supplies and equipment used in housekeeping department
  • Understanding the basics of housekeeping chemicals, and a working knowledge of recent trends in chemical use and their impact on guests, staff, and specifically, the housekeeping department
  • Describe how to properly size a laundry
  • Understanding the basic engineering and operational considerations of doing laundry in hotels

Course Requirement:

Performance evaluation are based on participation, and completion of all assignments. Students are expected to:

1.Participate actively in class activities
2.Respond to required reading and homework assignments
3.Successfully complete an exam and a live demonstration of the major concepts in the course

Course Duration:

Full time: 1 week, Monday – Friday, 6pm – 9pm