Personal Support Worker (PSW) Program Description:

Universal Care Academy offers a Personal Support Worker Training program to provide students with the skills to accomplish the diverse responsibilities they will encounter on the job. Students will learn how to work with other healthcare professionals to provide a number of services to the elderly, disabled and ill. The course addresses practical skills training, knowledge of patient care and self-support techniques to ensure that the people being cared for are in the most comfortable manner possible.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of a client’s dignity, privacy, and safety
  • How to clearly communicate with residents and other healthcare professionals
  • The importance of the patient’s or resident’s safety and comfort
  • Understand special needs, considerations, and circumstances of children and older adults
  • How to provide competent care in long-term home care environments
  • Teamwork and time management
  • Learn about the importance of self-support
  • Understand the importance of sensitivity to cultural diversity in support work, and case study

Course Requirement:

To Apply you must have:

1. Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent
2. Grade 12 English credit

Performance evaluation are based on participation, and completion of all assignments. Students are expected to:

1. Participate actively in class activities
2. Respond to required reading and homework assignments
3. Successfully complete an exam and a live demonstration of the major concepts in the course

Course Duration:

6 Months, Full-time