About the Workshop:

Enhance your foot and wound care knowledge in this specialized course. It provides you: An increased understanding of the structure and function of the foot. An awareness of the more common foot and nail pathologies and the ability to determine when it would be appropriate to refer to a podiatrist or a physician. An increased understanding of etiology, pathology, assessment and nursing intervention associated with diabetes, venous vascular disease, peripheral arterial disease and ulcerations of the ankle and foot information and practice on geriatric foot and diabetic foot assessment techniques. An awareness of the health and safety factors involved in providing foot care.

Learn Objectives:

Describe Anatomy & Physiology of the foot in relation to general assessment.

Identify various nail and skin conditions, and determine their causes, prevention, and treatment.

Identify various structural deformities, and determine their causes, prevention, and treatment.

Ascertain the differences between Podiatrists and Pedorthists; understand and recognize the purpose of orthotics, gait analysis and padding/strapping techniques

Evaluate client mobility and range of motion (ROM) to prevent injury to the client and practitioner.

Identify the High Risk foot (diabetic, vascular insufficient clients) and perform assessment techniques to implement specialized care plans.

Apply the theory and practice necessary to perform basic and advanced foot care procedures with documentation specific to nursing foot care.