About the Workshop:

This course combines theory with lab experience. It is designed to assist the nurse in developing skills needed to draw blood samples for laboratory testing, initiate IV therapy, and provide care for patients with intravenous access, how to handle  appropriate equipment for IV initiation and phlebotomy. Also it provides information regarding the use of hypodermoclysis, also known simply as clysis, to achieve rehydration in patients who might otherwise require hospitalization

Learning Objectives:

Apply knowledge of anatomy and physiology to vascular access and infusion therapy

Examine the legal and quality assurance aspects related to infusion therapy practices to align with ethical and professional practice.

Explain principles of aseptic technique specific to vascular access insertion and maintenance.

Demonstrate understanding of pharmacy-therapeutics specific to infusion therapy in alternate care settings.

Exhibit psychomotor critical thinking skills necessary for effective nursing management for patients receiving infusion therapy and total parenteral nutrition.

Describe assessment and considerations for vascular access device selection. Identify the categories of devices available for vascular access.