We now offer nursing workshops to nurses in clinical settings who want to explore common issues in the workplace. In this innovative discovery model process, nurses meet together as colleagues and co-learners, take part in the same reflective processes, learn from one another and explore ways to ope-rationalize their shared values and service intention.

Our nursing workshops support nurses to reunite with the meaning of their work and clarify their mission and sense of professional identity as healers.

The workshop participants will receive take-home self-care tools for maintaining and strengthening resilience. These tools will be participant-specific and therefore designed to be used in any clinical situation to boost and sustain strength and connection to the nurse’s personal vision and values in nursing.

The workshops focus on “Finding Meaning in Nursing” and “Service as a Way of Life.”

In the workshop, participants will be enabled to:
recognize meaning as an aspect of their own professional lives;
access the deeper meaning that underlies their practice of nursing;
explore a personal relationship to the core meaning of their profession;
witness the commonality of meaning that underlies a diversity of nursing expertise;
form a sense of community of shared meaning among colleagues;
dialogue with colleagues in the area of service, calling and mission;
recognize calling as an aspect of their own professional lives;
explore core nursing values of compassion, service, courage, love and reverence for life; and
embrace tools to actively preserve professional commitment and meaning in nursing.

Who Should Participate?
The half-day or one-day workshop experience is designed for presentation to any clinical specialty group of staff nurses, managers, nurses in transition to new roles, or nurses in residency training programs. Prior to the workshop we would like to hear all about your clinical setting and what you hope to gain from our nurse-led guided learning workshops.

Our Workshop
Health Assessment
Intravenous Therapy,
Phlebotomy and Hypodermoclysis
Medication Administration
and Pharmacology
Palliative Care
RPN Review class
Foot Care