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Welcome to Universal Care Academy

You can start a new career with Universal Care Academy by signing up for one of our hospitality field courses. We are a private college, and we offer two hospitality courses to choose from. Plus, we provide IELTS preparation lessons for our students who do not speak English.

Universal Care Academy

Universal Care Academy is a new private career college that offers different training courses for people who are looking to take a housekeeping course or a caregiving course. We are a stepping stone for most of our students to help them get a foot hold on a career as a caregiver and for other life accomplishments. We value experienced instructors, but we understand that practicality is a huge part of the industry. We have practical components to all of our courses, which will not only help with their career but other real-life situations.


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Personal Support Worker(PSW)

Learn all personal support worker essentials and obtain a professional certificate.

Universal Care Academy

Home Caregiver Course 

Learn the necessary skills to provide quality care for children, elders, and people with disabilities and special needs.

Universal Care Academy

Housekeeping Course

Learn all housekeeping essentials and obtain a professional certificate.

IELTS Exam Prep

We have professional teachers with many years of experience to help you reach your goal and score high!

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