Universal Care Academy

   Universal Care Academy is a training facility that offers a range of classes for people who are seeking a job. We are a stepping stone for most of our students to help them get a foothold on a career as a caregiver and for other life accomplishments. We value experienced instructors, but we understand that practicality is a huge part of the industry. We have practical components for all of our courses, which will not only help with their career but other real-life situations. You can start a new career with Universal Care Academy by signing up for one of our hospitality field courses. Plus, we provide IELTS preparation lessons for our students who do not speak English.

Our Program

Universal Care AcademyHousekeeping course helps to teach students about the hospitality industry and
housekeeping operation roles, and it is structured to help students learn
how to do laundry operations and manage housekeeping in hotels.
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Universal Care Academy

IELTS stands for the International English testing system, and it is the most
popular test to test English language proficiency. The tests consist of
listening, reading, speaking, and writing English skills.
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Our Workshops

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